J. Morgan Puett is one of the most insanely talented artists who sits at the top of my Creative Genius list.  As a fashion designer and artist, she has built a world that is entirely her own filled with objects from bygone eras, torn and tattered clothing, and a home known to be an artist colony that looks as if its the perfect place to dream.  There is no separation between her work and lifestyle; both exist as one.  A true Creative Genius, indeed.


A collaboration of All Departments of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with J. Morgan Puett

grape-full-frig-10-copyRandom refrigerator contents

shack3-copyThe interior of what used to be a chicken coop.

shack7-copyMore of the interior

tent1Outdoor living

upperporch_mildredslaneA room in her home on Mildred’s Lane (Pennsylvania)


YD4F9694J. Morgan Puett dyed designs