Sunday afternoon was spent reading magazines while listening to the new Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions album, Through the Devil Softly. How perfect is that title? Just as perfect as the album, if I may say so myself.  Clouds were looming and I waited for the rain, only to be let down by the bright sun.  I love the sunshine, but I am really ready for some rain and Los Angeles could use it.  But the clouds and the music set the mood as did this lovely editorial from Vogue Living Australia. It’s a peek inside the home of designer and stylist, Carolyn Quartermaine, and the use of color is what made me take a creative pause. Mixng fluorescent yellows and oranges with pastels is not something I would ever think of, and Quartermaine does it brilliantly. The walls were painted to look unfinished, and splashes of neon paint on 19th century Belgian chairs go along with the theme of imperfection.  Painted fabric draped on a couch covered in silk flowers is insanely romantic, and a hand-dyed and sunbleached flag lying over an Italian gilded chair makes me want to dye every inch of fabric I own.  Salvaged cut-offs of Carolyn Quartermaine’s fabrics hang over a ladder, turning it into a inspiring object that sits under a blue floral chandelier.  I’m really loving the imperfections that make such a grand statement.