I am not a huge follower of astrology, but I would say that when Mercury is in retrograde things can get a little crazy up in here. Emotions are in full swing and I blame everything on the planets.  Well, almost everything.  I used to read a random astrology website on the first of every month, but when the highlights started to revolve more and more around real estate I got bored.   Today an email from Star Pathways was forwarded to me, and apparently Mars has entered Leo (that’s me) for 8 months.  It goes something like this: “It generally stays in one sign about 8-9 weeks, so this is a long time. Mars here is very fiery and dynamic. It wants to move forward. But if you don’t know where you are going, you may end up someplace else. Do you have a clear picture of what is up next for you? Do you have a plan? Are your intentions clear as to the next phase of your life~whether personal or professional? Are you excited about where you are headed?”  Man, I am feeling the pressure here.  I am definitely a planner and I’m excited about where I’m headed, so let’s hope the path stays clear.  Below, some awesome images to give me some clear intentions.

51_mariah-robertson-1Mariah Robertson (via madrepadre)

51_lesliedavid6Leslie David (via madrepadre)

34_todayandtomorrowToday and Tomorrow (via madrepadre)

50_tiger-lily-and-tiny-teeth10Tiger Lily and Tiny Teeth (via madrepadre)

weegee_BloomsburyAuctionWeegee (via My Best Fred)

sherry_david_benjamin_ItsTiSherry & David Benjamin (via My Best Fred)

75_soneronaq13Soneron (via madrepadre)

51_loveallaround13Love All Around (via madrepadre)