My mom came to LA from Houston for a visit and as always, her visit was way too short.  We packed a lot in including two dinner parties, shopping, and a big blowout at my brother’s place.  It was one of those magical weekends where you lose all sense of your responsibilities and just let go and enjoy the present.  Actually, that’s what the next couple of months seem to be all about.  It’s like the holidays begin around Halloween and end at the beginning of January, and during those months there’s a lot of lackadaisical business going on.  For me, these months are really inspiring and I tend to get a lot of creative things done.  Hopefully that remains the same this year…Some scenes from the weekend:

IMG_4470Farmers’ Market at the Grove.  It can be overwhelming because there are way too many food decisions to make.

IMG_4474We went with fish tacos, my favorite food in the world.

IMG_4472Mom was happy with them.

IMG_4515We hit up Anthropologie afterward and my sweet mom bought me this gorgeous oversized ring and two notebooks.  I can never have enough blank notebooks, or any kind of stationary.

IMG_4503My hubs and I took my mom to Mustard Seed for breakfast.  I never tire of this spot.IMG_4506Darryl had the breakfast sandwich recommended by our friend James.  It was mind blowing.

IMG_4504I had the chilaquiles verdes.  This is by far my favorite thing to eat for breakfast, but it’s hard to find good ones.  These were pretty decent, especially for a restaurant that doesn’t specialize in Mexican food.  I ate so much food this day that my back started to hurt.

IMG_4509We went to my brother’s apartment and I was totally impressed with his landscaping skills. My brother is a Merchant Marine and he soars the high seas to Alaska quite often.  He found this whale skull and walrus jaw and had them sent home.  Amazing, no?  Every time I see the whale skull I can’t stop staring.

IMG_4513Went to our “Aunt Jan’s” house for dinner one night.  She has a pretty awesome collection of quilts that I admire every time I visit along with antique objects that she finds in random places.  I love the horse head hanging on the wall.  She stuck an apple in its mouth and it looks even better.

IMG_4514I stopped by Whole Foods today and totally freaked out when I saw these Halloween cupcakes.  I wanted the Cookie Monster.