I saw this spread in Teen Vogue not long after I returned from a trip to Peru and I couldn’t decide if I was happy or bummed to see traditional Peruvian attire and arts & crafts in a main stream fashion magazine that caters to young girls.  Part of me smiled as I drifted back to my shopping adventures in Peru while another part of me was a little bitter that such treasures had been exposed to such a wide audience.  I know, I know – Peru does not belong to me and there are plenty of people who travel there just to buy the well-crafted colorful goods that they’re known for, but I couldn’t help but feel slightly selfish for a second as I immediately thought to myself, “Great, now every girl in the United States is going to be rocking a traditional Highlander (the local name for the indigenous people) hat.”  That feeling soon dissipated, mostly because being selfish is so not cool, but also because I had to admit that the styling for this story was right on.  The colors, the tall Highlander hat, the baby lamb being held ever-so-stylishly in the papoose, and the mix-and-match of textures, prints, and accessories – all exactly how Highlander women dress every day.  There is nothing epic about the photos but most of the time I’m drawn to the styling of a shoot or the mood that it evokes.  Now whenever I look at these pictures, I daydream about Peru and its beautiful culture, clothing and accessories included.