You know those weekends that are so amazing that you don’t even think about anything else that you have to do except what you’re doing right then and all the fun things that are about to happen right after?  It’s called living in the present and I highly recommend it.  Not only was it my husband’s birthday, but October 31st marked the 5th anniversary of our first meeting.  We had a lot to celebrate on top of Halloween, which turned out to be the Best Halloween Ever.  I’ve never seen so many amazing costumes.  Our friends really turned it out this year!  Please excuse some of the blurry photos.

fridaI was Frida Kahlo

vincentMy husband, Darryl, was Vincent Van Gogh


IMG_4553Matthew was Alex from A Clockwork Orange

IMG_4560This was my second favorite costume of the night.  Sorry for the bad quality photo, but this guy killed it as The Regal Beagle. That’s right – from Three’s Company. Amazing.

IMG_4573But first place, my friends, went to Weekend at Bernie’s.  GENIUS!

IMG_4566Toryn as David Byrne and Nicolette as a paper doll

IMG_4576Emily as a panda bear

IMG_4569Renee’ as Lucille Ball resurrected from the dead

IMG_4571Becky was making me laugh all night as Carol Channing in Alice in Wonderland

IMG_4578Hilarious.  Sara and Katherine as two “Toddlers and Tiaras”.

IMG_4579Drew as Sherlock Holmes

IMG_4591Athena as Ned Flanders