While I was in Peru this past spring I picked up the latest issue of Cosas Moda, a Peruvian men’s and women’s fashion magazine that deserves just as much recognition as any other high fashion magazine in Europe or the states.  Artistic editorials, thoughtful and well-researched coverage of designers, and collages of trends that are right on are just a few of the things one can expect from the magazine.  The April issue featured an editorial dedicated to Buenos Aires, one of my favorite cities in the world.  It’s no secret that BA has their own fashionable flavor going on, but witnessing the way Argentines put themselves together is something to marvel at.  There is usually color involved, and getting dressed is a form of expression that is lighthearted and fun – it’s not about a competition or who is wearing the latest designer garb.  I fell in love with these pictures taken by Gustavo Di Mario for Cosas Moda. To me, they represent the youthful vibrance of Argentina.