Purple Magazine used to be the jam back in the day.  I was going through my old issues from 2003 and I flipped out when I saw all of the content and realized what a huge difference there is between Purple now and Purple then.  I’ll be posting some of the photography and editorials soon but what I wanted to share first were these ads.  Let’s face it: ads were way cooler back then.  It wasn’t so much about selling a product, but more of selling a brand or an identity through art.  Funny thing is, this was only 6 years ago, but it seems like a lifetime has gone by when I look at these.  Things were different.  Fashion was different.  The internet wasn’t the biggest deal in the world.  I still appreciate what Purple is and I can’t say I don’t love some of the things that it delivers, but I don’t love her like I used to.  It once embodied what I believe in most which is people living unconventional lives and putting out unconventional art, either literally or through journalism or through the way they dress.  I’m feeling pretty nostalgic right now.

ad1By far my favorite series of ads by Comme des Garçons

imHow amazing is this Isabel Marant ad?  Check out the hooka!

zuccaI like the installation in this Zucca ad.

ad2Vanessa Bruno still puts out some great ads and explores new mediums to showcase her collections.  I like the element of storytelling in this one.

ad5The black & white Miu Miu ads are still my favorite.