I am a huge Pedro Almodóvar fan and I have been anxiously waiting for his new film, Broken Embraces, to be released.  One of the reasons why I respect his work so much is because of his ability to bring forth strong female characters, usually played by his muse, Penélope Cruz.   It’s hard to find good films these days that portray women as the incredible, intuitive, and passionate humans that they are, and Almodóvar does so beautifully.  I can’t help but get the feeling that he is a perfectionist, and I really appreciate that.  He has a way of capturing the essence of all of the characters in his films through underlying messages, mood, color, and overall aesthetics.  I found these amazing shots on the Broken Embraces website and it got me all wound up about the movie, so I thought I’d post the trailer as well.  I’ll end this with a quote from the one and only Almodóvar, speaking of the film: “This is also something new for me. I do feel that this film is a true declaration of love for cinema. I could almost say that cinema perfects all the irregularities, or the imperfections, of life.”