A week or so ago I posted some old ads from an issue of Purple in 2003 and mentioned how great the editorials were back then. Not that 2003 was so long ago, but those of you who followed the magazine in its earlier years know what I’m sayin’.  This editorial in particular is one of my favorites and was shot by Laetitia Benat.  It features Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, a French-Tunisian actor, writer, and philosopher along with Alexandra Koubichkine, a Russian beauty that floors me with her chic simplicity.  They seem to be a couple but I’m not too sure, and I’m uncertain about Alexandra’s background.  All I know is that this does it for me.  The natural light, the grittiness of the photos, the setting, and the idea that not every fashion editorial has to be over-styled is what I’m attracted to.