If there is one trend that consistently makes an appearance in my wardrobe, it’s anything ethnic or bohemian.  I have always gravitated towards prints and colors that tell some type of folkloric, tribal, or Native American story.  Whether it’s a graphic poncho handmade in Peru or my favorite gold horseshoe necklace from Buenos Aires, there is usually one piece of clothing or accessory on me that makes some type of worldly statement.  Right now I’m gravitating towards more sculptural pieces of jewelry in silver, gold, or brass, and I’m combining those with classic staples in my wardrobe along with something nomad-like which usually consists of a print or embellishment inspired by some far-flung village in an exotic city.  And it doesn’t stop there.  My love for all things ethnic crosses over into interiors and I’m constantly dreaming up different rooms from my imaginary house and how to decorate each.  I can’t wait until the day comes that said house is a reality, but until then I have my wardrobe to fall back on.

(Top to bottom: British Vogue (unsure), Vogue Italia, Nylon, Elle Decor UK (unsure)