I have been wanting to get my hands on an issue of Flair, the short-lived fashion and art magazine founded in 1950 by the legendary artist, writer, and creative genius known as Fleur Cowles.  It’s one of those things that you hear about from time to time that you think you’ll never be able to score on because each copy now goes for a few hundred dollars on eBay, and usually there is someone who will outbid me by at least $100.  But it’s a good day, my friends, because I managed to score The Best of Flair book that was published in 1996.  It’s over 300 pages and is filled with images and articles from various issues of the magazine, and I scored an affordable used copy that is on its way to me.  There were only a few published and they sold out immediately, so of course a new one from a book dealer goes for around $500.  I did, however, see a new copy on Powell’s for $250 if you’re interested. Here is what I have to look forward to: