There are a few women that I admire for their personal style, some past and some present, and Olya Thompson is one woman that always captures my attention for her bold, romantic, bohemian style that is more contemporary than dated .  She always looks as if she’s stepped off of some gypsy caravan, reminding me a bit of a modern day Frida Kahlo.  This month’s Vogue features Olya and her beautiful family in their home in Brooklyn, and of course I’m totally in love with everything it encapsulates.  Olya grew up in Russia and trained as a dancer and is now starting a line of textiles, which comes as no surprise considering her penchant for wearing lively prints and her love for ancient wares, textiles included.  I was excited to also find a page dedicated to her from Vogue 2004 in my inspiration book.  But, this first photo is what really does it for me.