Being surrounded by nature is an absolute necessity for me.  Living in Los Angeles doesn’t allow me to fully experience the beauty of nature, but what it does offer is pretty great compared to living in a complete concrete jungle.  Hiking, going to the beach, or lying in the grass on a hillside for an afternoon of reading gives me my fix, and if I’m craving more outdoor activities I usually head to San Luis Obispo where it’s all about nature.  I love plants but I don’t have much of a green thumb.  I would like to learn more about them, most specifically how to keep them alive (!) but I’ll admit it’s kind of far down on the priority list at the moment. Every time I see a botanical print or a book dedicated to botanicals I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and I immediately want to start planting something.  I found these botanical collages made by artist Alexis MacKenzie and I got really excited about creating art with plants, or in this case creating words with flora and fauna. Makes me think differently about planting and about nature altogether.

All images via madrepadre