Looking Back

One of my first photography books I ever purchased was this one by Juergen Teller. It remains one of my favorites for its raw, no BS photographs, most of them taken in the early to mid nineties which was an amazing time in both fashion and music, hence the images you see below.  I admire Juergen Teller for still continuing to stay true to his style, but just looking at these makes me think about what a different time this was, and it really wasn’t even that long ago.  Almost every mainstream musician these days seems so artificial and sugar coated.  For someone like Kurt Cobain to have made it in the mainstream world back then was a big deal, but he never gave in to the industry chaos.  He was real and honest and made no apologies.  It was about the music and not the fame, which doesn’t really exist in the mainstream world today.  Looking at all of these photos makes me yearn for different days in art, fashion, and music.

A man and a horse, shot in Romania

PJ Harvey, 1995

Kate Moss, 1996

Kurt Cobain, 1991 in Berlin

Courtney Love, or rather the Courtney I loved, 1994 in Seattle

This is my all time favorite photo of Linda Evangelista taken in 1993.  I wanted this hair cut for years.  Still want it.

The seductress, Stephanie Seymour shot in 1994

Kate Moss, 1996, the year I graduated high school


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6 responses to “Looking Back

  1. The 1993 Linda Evangelista picture is one of my favourites, not so much because of the photograph itself but because of the haircut. Just like you, I loved it the first time I saw it and continue to love it today…
    How have you been?
    I love the pics of your husband and yourself having fun in the sun and tall grass. You’re incredibly lucky to be able to combine beautiful countryside and big city life. I have the English landscape but the rain and cold can make it tedious at times and I’d rather be somewhere where the sun makes it appearance more often!
    Any chance you’ll be visiting London soon?
    Huge kiss

    • keepfeelingjoanna

      hi love! i am doing well. just been very busy, but i’m looking forward to our upcoming vacation to turkey in may. i really want to visit london and i’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later! you never know…
      one day our paths will cross and it will be magical!
      Big kisses and hugs!

  2. Oh, I went to Turkey many years ago. I loved it! Instead of a direct flight you should have opted for a small London detour/stop-over and we could have finally met! I was hoping that work would send you on a research trip to the UK one day, hehehe … Huge kiss and hug from the rain

  3. I’d love to get my hands on that book! Juergen’s photography style is so incredible – totally agree with you about the sugarcoated stars around nowadays. We need more real people in the mainstream!

  4. i love his photo-journalistic approach to fashion photography……

  5. I love that book and have been searching for it for years, with no luck! I lived in Florence in 1997 and every time I felt homesick for London I would go to this bookstore and flick through that book to remind me of home. And definitely the definitive Linda pic, it’s taking such willpower not to print it out and go straight to the hairdresser…

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