Antonio Marras makes me melt.  Kenzo was, by far, my favorite collection for fall.  I know it might not make sense to some, as it’s pretty much been done before.  No new silhouettes, new trends, or new ideas that are going to change fashion, but when I look at these clothes they make me want to live this life.  I will never tire of garden florals, mixed matched haberdashery, bohemian girl on the run, Lauren Hutton in the 70’s, you get my point. I will say that this is one of the best masculine meets feminine collections I’ve laid eyes on and that my closet would be totally content for life with these looks, especially those paprika colored knits and dresses. Totally. Awesome.  Mind blowing.  Apparently, those words often come out of my mouth according to my friends who just paid LA a visit from Texas.  How embarrassing.  I really need a new vocabulary.

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