To say that the wedding was the most unique, beautiful wedding I have ever attended would be an understatement.  A wedding on a farm is pretty much unheard of in Turkey, so not only was it a unique experience for all of us who had never seen such an amazing farm, much less attend a wedding on a farm in Turkey, but it was completely new for the Turkish crowd as well.  It truly was a momentous occasion.  There was this lovely sense of camaraderie with everyone pitching in to decorate and gets things organized the day of.  It turned out to be spectacular and quite the celebration. Dano & Ayse looked enchanting.  A few of the photos noted below were taken by our friend Sara, and the rest I was lucky enough to snap.

The bride and groom were married in this pavilion on the farm.  Here is Scott and Sara D. putting together bouquets of flowers that were picked from the farm. (Taken by our other friend Sara!)

Just when we thought we had gathered enough flowers, we decided we needed more.  You can never have enough flowers at an outdoor wedding!

Darryl took this photo of me painting a sign with an olive branch for Dano & Ayse.

Ayse’s mom made various jams from scratch to give away to guests as a wedding souvenir.  (Taken by Sara)

While we were all running around like crazy getting everything ready, our lunch was being prepared outside.

Rolling the dough to make gozleme.

This gozleme.  It’s out of control.  A very soft Turkish flatbread stuffed with…

Spinach, cheese, and spices.

After lunch, everyone hung around and did their thing until it was time to get ready for the wedding.  This is Mateo who was visiting from Berlin.  He owns a gallery and is quite the illustrator.

Happy toast and happy turtle

Uncle Red went fishing on the beach and found some seashells.

A group of peeps came back from the beach with new songs and new moves.

This is Reese.  He lives in Istanbul is about to move to Japan with his lovely girlfriend Kia.

Before the wedding

Sara looked gorgeous

Love this shot of Ayse’s dress

The groom and his groomsmen

Handsome dudes

Everyone started to enter the pavilion.  I wasn’t able to take many photos around this time because I was in the wedding so I relied on Sara, who took the next 7 photos.

It was so exciting to see them walk into the room!  Lots of tears.

Happy husband and wife

In Turkey, it is a tradition to give the bride and groom money and gold once the ceremony is over.

Ayse’s father stands beside her cousin who is putting a bracelet of gold on Ayse’s arm.

After the ceremony it was time for eating, drinking, and dancing.

Mateo & Tanya

My beautiful mother-in-law in her custom made suit!

Evren and Reese busted out the guitars and sang a little song they wrote for Dano & Ayse that day.  Complete with backup dancers, of course.


Ayse’s dress was breathtaking.  It had 3-D flower appliques all over it!

Cupcakes YUM.  There are so many desserts in Turkey that are made with pistachios, as you see here.  Pistachios deserve more attention in the states, no?

Darryl giving the best man toast

Time for dancing!

This is where things started to get REALLY fun.


The jar of luck that was eventually broken into pieces.  Makes for a good wedding, right?