Our last day in Kas was spent wandering around, sunbathing, and having a delicious family dinner on the beach.  After Kas we headed back to Istanbul for 3 more days of city life.  Darryl and I stayed with Banu and Alex at their apartment in Beyoglu which overlooks the French Embassy and the Hagia Sophia.  Their apartment was beautiful and reminded me a little bit of apartments in San Francisco, but with prettier walkups and decorative tiles in the entryway.  On our last night, I had one of the best meals of my life.  I know I’ve said that before, but I can honestly say that the best meals I’ve ever had have been in Turkey and Peru.  Talk about a palate explosion.  I was so sad to leave such an awesome country after spending so much time with family and friends and having such epic moments.  I cried hard.  Before I leave from wherever I’m visiting, I always take a few minutes to absorb the present moment and then really think about how great I feel and try to hold on to that. That way I can always go back to it in my head and feel like some part of me is still there. I think there will always be a part of me in Turkey.  It truly is a special place that I cherish.

This is Kaputas beach near Kas.  The sea is so crystal clear blue (look at the color!!!) that it looks fake.

These waves did not mess around.  Super intense.

Kas is an old fishing village, and you definitely get the local vibe when you’re walking around.  There are some tourists, although it’s not the most tourist-y area in the Mediterranean.  It still has a laid-back, quaint feel to it.

My friends

The welcome sign at a cafe’

This little table and chairs were outside of someone’s apartment.  The chairs were covered in red plastic cording – i think it was something used for fishing.

And this was the door to the apartment.  So great.

I loved how they used rope to decorate the planter, and how they surrounded the plants with rocks.

So many beautiful doors surrounded by natural landscaping.

Old tins turned into planters.  LOVE this.  Definitely want to create this when I have a yard!

Hand-painted bracelets on a wheel

At one my favorite stores in Kas, the owner pulled out this very old embroidery and I had to photograph it.  This was used as a bride’s dowry.

Probably the only kind of motorbike I would ride

Antik Teatro in Kas

Darryl walking up the Teatro

The view from the top

My afternoon swim in front of our hotel


We had dinner at this restaurant on the beach for our last night in Kas.

Beach hammock!

Love everything about this

Yes yes yes

Waiting for the bones

Darryl and Uncle Red

Darryl, Uncle Red, and Dano.  I think we laughed for 30 minutes after this.

Back in Istanbul at Banu & Alex’s apartment.  French Embassy and Hagia Sophia right off the balcony.

I loved their apartment.  I thought it was interesting that Banu said she couldn’t keep any of her plants alive EXCEPT for her orchids.  Funny, considering orchids are the hardest flower to keep alive!

Owl sculpture

This is their kitty, Ziggy, with his one blue eye and one green.  He’s a little lover, this one.

A friend’s painting

Wall of polaroids

Kitchen table

Loved this collage

We took Scott & Katie to our rug guy at the Grand Bazaar.

Baby in a bag?!

We explored other areas of the Bazaar and stumbled upon this crazy hooka spot.  It was packed and it looked fun but I’ve done the hooka thing (last time I went to Turkey) and it doesn’t agree with me.  I think I’ll try it again on my next visit, though.

Aftewards, we met up with Banu & Alex at Urban for some beers.

Banu & I

By now Darryl was almost fluent in Turkish.  Almost.

We wandered around some more and stopped by a store that had all of these old photos in the window.

We went back to Cukurcuma and checked out Alex and Banu’s favorite antique shop.

Alex & Banu took us to the most delicious restaurant for our last supper.  Apparently the owner is always dressed in hospital scrubs.  He takes his food very seriously, which I could understand why when I tasted all of this.  These were just the mezzes–what you eat before your entree’.  I walked up to a huge cooler and had my choice of various kinds of seaweed, seafood, and vegetables.  It was out of this world!  And it didn’t hurt that our view was something like this…

Not a bad way to end a vacation, right?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos and stories from Turkey!  Thanks to everyone for leaving such lovely comments! xo Joanna