I was flipping through my old issues of Nylon a while back and man, what a different magazine it has become.  I used to love Nylon. It was its own thing.  That was before it became flooded with mainstream everything, before technology had a huge impact on print.  It was a different time, and I miss those times.  But, you’ve gotta give it to them for staying in the game and being able to keep up with the masses.  Anyway, I found these great photos of Lola Montes and Stella Madrid, daughters of filmmaker extraordinaire, Julian Schnabel.  They were taken by Sante D’Orazio and were in an early 2000’s issue.  I’m wondering if Lola Montes was named after the famous American-born Spanish dancer (her real name was Chita Equizabal but her stage name was Lola Montes). I love that real women were the subjects in a fashion magazine, and I love the Latin flavor and the gritty, washed out black and white.  I found a lot of good stuff in my old Nylon issues and I’ll be sure to share them.