If there is one decade that I cull most of my fashion and interiors inspiration from, it’s the ’70s.  I love everything about it.  To me, it’s the one era of fashion that you can always make look good and relevant no matter how much time passes.  And with all the seventies hype right now I couldn’t help but post these from an old issue of Nylon.  I remember having a mental melt down over that Marc Jacobs top and skirt in the second photo when they came out.  I was in college and I couldn’t afford them.  But I did manage to get my hands on those lovely maryjane t-straps in a flat version on a trip to New York.  I wore them to death. If I had a time machine I would transport myself to right around 1972, 6 years before I was born.  Except in this life, I would be traipsing around Los Angeles in gorgeous caftans, a trench coat, and Navajo bags à la Maria Wyeth in Play It As It Lays. Actually, that sounds kind of familiar already, but Joan Didion makes it look so much better.