This past June I launched my own business.  I didn’t want to announce it here until my website was up and running, and I’m happy to say that it finally is.  So, I guess it’s official! My love of fashion and interiors led me to start kneeland co., a Vintage Textile Studio selling vintage textiles and prints from around the world to designers and those in the creative industries.  In addition, I design embellishments that are handmade in India and Los Angeles and I hunt for vintage and antique jewelry in random places and wherever my travels take me.  All of my finds and designs are used as inspiration to create product and truly are unique.  I’m so excited about my new adventure and I wanted to share it with you.  If you or anyone you know purchases prints/artwork or vintage jewelry, please pass along my info.  You can find out more in detail by visiting my website. Thank you! xo Joanna