There are certain fashion brands that remain consistently cool and true to their aesthetic when it comes to advertising.  Some that come to mind are A.P.C., Balenciaga, and most of the time, Marc Jacobs.  While a lot of fashion ads have become a little over the top, over-styled, or over-sexified (just made that word up) for my taste, it’s been refreshing to see Reed Krakoff’s take on the branding of his new label, Reed Krakoff.  When I saw his ads for fall, they reminded me of something more pure and pristine, like some my favorite ads from the late ’90s.  The slightly disheveled yet pulled together style that looks completely effortless, the simple luxuriousness of the clothes and how they are worn, the natural beauty of Stella Tennant, the very distinctive color palette that is perfectly modern, and the accessory free wardrobe are all timeless and are somehow edging their way into the minds of women who want to feel beautiful without looking fussy.  Reed Krakoff does a brilliant job of capturing the current climate of fashion and subconsciously dictating what modern women want to wear now.  I’m looking forward to what he does next. Below, the fall 2010 Reed Krakoff campaign.