I like prints.  I like them so much that I started a business based around them.  The prints at Suno’s Spring presentation have been in my head all week, and I know it can get super boring to read about and see the shows on nearly every fashion/design blog out there, but I’m going to pretend that none of you have seen the Suno show and especially not those insanely amazing platforms that Loeffler Randall designed using some of Suno’s fabric. I can’t help but be inspired to present it all here.  Tribal-inspired prints, painterly prints, florals, madras, dots, fruity fun, a little bit of geometrics thrown in — all mashed up and delivered in short suits, ’50s silhouettes, and voluminous skirts and dresses.  And I wouldn’t forget those shoes. Top of the wish list for sure.

All images from Style.com and Refinery 29