Sometimes I spend hours going through digital libraries online and then realize it’s way past my bedtime.  The Textile Museum of Canada is one of my favorites for inspiration and kind of makes me feel like I’ve gone back to school to take a history class.  Learning about the different regions, eras, techniques and materials used to make textiles is fascinating to me.  One of the highlights of my recent trip to Turkey was being schooled on the history of various embroideries and textiles by a few shop owners I met and developed relationships with.  Those experiences are burned in my brain for life. I just found these aprons from the 19th to late 20th centuries on the Textile Museum of Canada website and now I’m developing a need to collect aprons, but only if they look like these.

Southeast Asia, late 20th century

East Asia, 19th century

Central Europe, early 20th century

African, late 20th century

Eastern European, late 19th century

Oceania, early to mid-20th century

Africa, mid 20th century