How do I even begin.  I’ve decided that if I ever pen a book of memoirs, Chapter 1 will begin with Big Sur.  Not that I have plans to write a MEMOIR for crying out loud, but that’s how ambitious I’m feeling after this trip.  I feel like I’m in on the secret, like I’m part of a special club because I’ve experienced the magic of Big Sur. So much history, so much discovery, so much pure happiness and stillness. The other night my friend Beth said, “My heart belongs in New York, but my soul belongs in California.”  Well, my heart belongs in many places, but my soul belongs in Big Sur.  That drive up the coastline?  Nothing compares.  Those larger than life redwoods?  Nothing compares.  Those epic sunsets?  How do you beat it?  I was lucky to experience the magic with my husband, his brother Dano and Dano’s lovely wife, Ayse, who are visiting from Istanbul.  It goes something like this.

First stop was at my in-laws in San Luis Obispo.  This was taken the morning we hit the road north.

We headed off on Highway 1 and stopped at Ragged Point to take in the view.

Right past Ragged Point is a little hidden treasure known as Salmon Creek.  You park, you take a short hike and there you are at a waterfall.  We climbed rocks and wandered around caves and I made a wish on the waterfall.

That’s Darryl way up there.

Mini Darryl

Waterfalls are pure magic.  I’m trying to figure out how to permanently have the sound of a waterfall in my head.

The coolest thing about this cave was that someone had made a little fire pit right in the middle of it. Ultimate camping adventure for sure.

Our first stop was at Nepenthe for a nice lunch and a drink.  This is the view on one side.

Loved this chill out area with colored cushions.

Dungeness crab salad with deviled eggs YUM.

Dano & Ayse = love

Nepenthe also had an insane gift shop.  The owners clearly have a penchant for traveling and bringing back goods.  The entry was pretty much dedicated to Mexico City and Guatemala.  They had some good merchandising going on.

Is it bad to see the cutest baby booties ever and start feeling maternal?  Yes, it is. Cute shoes should not be a reason to want to have a baby.

Yes, please.

Sprinkle your fairy dust.

I totally fell in love with all of this baby goodness.  Especially that unicorn.

Feliz Navidad.  Fantastic idea for Christmas tree decorating.

Crosses, angels, hearts, Guatemalan pins, etc.

Stay tuned for more Big Sur love.  I’m off to Philadelphia — I’ll be back to posting in a couple of days!  xo