It’s very chilly here in Philly and I’m about to head back to LA but wanted to share the last of my Big Sur adventure before I pack up and go.  As we headed out of town towards Monterey we stopped at The Henry Miller Library and Big Sur Bakery, two musts in Big Sur.  Unfortunately the dining area was closed at the bakery but that didn’t stop us from devouring chocolate croissants.  Next door was an outdoor space/gallery that offered up African wares, pottery, crystals, instruments and jewelry.  Everything was arranged so perfectly and it was like stepping into a kaleidoscope of colors. I bought two African beaded bracelets and Darryl picked out a crystal.  Dano and Ayse scored on used books at The Henry Miller Library while Darryl and I spent our literary dollars in Monterey on used copies of Herman Hesse’s Gertrude and William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury. I’ve realized that every time I go out of town or out of the country I buy books or magazines wherever I am.  This is probably one reason why I always seem to have the heaviest luggage. Not good.

Loved the books hanging from the ceiling at The Henry Miller Library

The wall of books dedicated to California

I wanted a caftan but it was way too big for my short self.

Love the feathered head wrap!

Crystals and shells

Hand print wall!

I want that dog sculpture.  So cool.

The stage for performances

Hand chakras

There were a couple of these spirit nests which I thought were genius.  Would make a fun tree house, no?

And last but not least, Darryl and the pumpkin.