A couple of days ago as I was browsing books online I noticed that my Amazon wish list is 3 pages long.  Clearly there are a lot of books I want to own.  I love Amazon’s wish list because it’s an easy way to remember what book it was that so and so told me about without trying to keep it in my memory for days until I remember to write it down.  Lots of remembering and sometimes I forget.  It’s also great for when my husband asks what I want for Christmas or my birthday and all I have to say is, “Check out my Amazon wish list.”  That’s pretty easy and doesn’t require going to a store, which my husband is not fond of and to be quite honest, he’s not very good at it.  It’s overwhelming to him.  He compares it to going to rent a movie and the one you want to see isn’t available so you scan the aisles for an hour trying to figure out what to rent.  Thankfully, we have Netflix.  But back to Amazon.  While we prefer to support our independent bookstores, it’s still good to have that Amazon wish list handy.  It’s one place to go to online where all the titles you want are organized for you and you can have wish lists that go on forever. Here are a few art/fashion/design books that are on my wish list.

Mark Borthwick’s “Not in Fashion”.  I’ve flipped through this book and there is some seriously good stuff in here, like photos from old issues of Purple Magazine.

British Asian Style, Fashion & Textiles/Past & Present

Hans Ulrich Obrist Interviews, Volume 2.  I don’t have Volume 1 either, but the line up of interviewees in Volume 2 intrigues me.  Alejandro Jodorowsky, Miranda July, Bjork and more filmmakers, artists, musicians, historians, etc.  I love me a good interview.

My friend Nina just bought this and it’s pure inspiration.  Embellishment heaven.

Cafe’ Society: Socialites, Patrons, & Artists 1920-1960.  Exactly that.

Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles.  I looove Zandra Rhodes.  I have been wanting to check out her exhibit in San Diego.

For the Love of Old.  I’ve flipped through this one and it’s major.

Fornasetti: The Complete Universe.  Piero Fornasetti is a huge inspiration to me and his son just came out with this book featuring illustrations of his father’s that have never been seen before.  It also gives insight into his design process.  Total eye candy.

Food, Fashion, Friends by Fleur Wood.  I mean really, what could be better?