It was a weekend full of holiday parties that started with my making Nutter Butter Balls.  I found the amazing recipe on Bakerella a couple of years ago and I finally decided to whip up a couple of batches.  Take note: they are scandalous.  Nutter butters, cream cheese, chocolate — enough said, right?  I also made lavender sachets for my lady friends using fresh lavender from my mother-in-law’s garden and leftover scraps of Jennifer‘s beautiful and very cool textiles.  She brought me a care package last week that also came with a Japanese paper blow fish – thanks, Jennifer!  So my Saturday started with a ladies only party at my friend Ronda’s and we played the classic White Elephant game.  I just knew I would take home Keith Richards’s memoir but my friend snatched it from me in the end.  That was followed by Sonia Boyajian’s amaaazing holiday party and studio opening.  Lovely Jeana and I braved the rain and landed in Sonia’s magical world filled with enough baubles and jewels to make our heads spin.  Sonia is an insanely talented jewelry designer and has an aesthetic like no other.  I took a few shots with my iPhone of her gorgeous set up and jewels.  The night ended with a dance party at Adam and Sabina’s.  Think champagne, dirty south rap and Thriller.  Totally scandalous.

Nutter Butter Balls, I love you

Lavender Sachets

Sonia’s display of jewelry, sculpture and random odds and ends

Jeana and I

Sonia has been making these amazing painted ceramic animal necklaces.

I was blown away by the band.  Check out that sitar!

The awesome couple, Chris and Vanessa.  Love them.

Sonia’s critters hanging from a branch