Remember this post about my dream home I did a while back?  Well, if you take that and combine it with what you see below, then life would pretty much be close to perfect as far as living situations go.  While checking out Simple Lovely yesterday, I was turned on to this fantastically inspiring house that I fell madly head over heels for.  I found more photos on Emmas DesignBlogg and flipped out for a good half-hour.  I love every single thing about it. Like, EVERY SINGLE THING.  The long rustic table against the wall in the office?  That’s how I want to work.  The fringe swivel chair in front of the decayed door?  Yes, please.  The chandelier made of artwork?  Genius.  The floor pillows, the staircase, the use of white with color, stop it already. Truly, positively, 100% in LOVE.  I can’t wait to move.  And P.S. – how adorable is decorator (of course she is) Marie Olsson Nylander, the owner of this dream abode?