My husband and I cleaned out our office closet last week and found all kinds of cool stuff we had forgotten about, like a gigantic bag of clothes that have been waiting to get tailored and dry cleaned.  I went through the bag and found all kinds of vintage gems in there that I had purchased on various occasions and I seriously felt like I had a new wardrobe.  So many amazing things in there!  It was kind of hilarious.  Here are just a few of my favorite pieces from that bag.

I adore this beaded art deco blouse with its scalloped hem and sleeves.

I bought this in my hometown of Pasadena, Texas.  I like that’s it trimmed all over in tassels.

This goes down as one of my favorite caftans ever.  The print!

I bought her in Istanbul and I’ll be wearing her all summer after she gets taken in a bit.

This is my go to dress for the beach, running errands or just lounging around.  I will wear it until it dies.

I found this beauty at the Rose Bowl flea market.

I’ve had this for years.  I bought it at a Goodwill in LA and it was made by a tailor in Hong Kong.  I need to get it taken in just a little bit.  This is my color block homage to Jil Sander.

It looks like a simple dress, which I love, but the other great thing is the color and this photo does not do it justice.  It is literally the bright, beautiful color of bougainvillea.  It’s electric.

Red and white.  Love.  I’ll be wearing this silk blouse a lot.

I found this Victorian treasure at the Santa Monica Vintage Expo.  I was going to wear it to my bridal shower a few years ago but it didn’t make the cut because it was too big.  It’s still too big, so a little tailoring is needed.