I have been saving images of my favorite fashion campaigns for a long time.  There are a handful of good ones these days, but they really don’t make ’em like they used to.  Balenciaga, Prada, Chloé, Kate Spade, Comme des Garçons, Anna Molinari, Blumarine and Miu Miu are at the tip top of my list.  I decided to scan some of the Miu Miu ads that I’ve loved over the years and that I always turn to for a good dose of inspiration.  Miuccia Prada is one of my design heroes and I’m a firm believer that she is one of the few who truly designs for the love of fashion and not the critics or the media.  Sure, she may have a celebrity or two in her ad campaigns, but I find it interesting that the clothes and accessories do the talking rather than vice versa. Below, some of my favorite Miu Miu ads.

This photo used to be my blog header.  I LOVE these shoes and I still look for them.

Love everything about this.  The styling, the crossed legs, the pretty lips…

Very cool shot and very cool ad

Socks with pumps way before it was all about socks with pumps

I am still dying to get my hands on a few things from this collection.  I do have those shoes in the flat version, but…

…I’m still looking for this bag.

If only all Hawaiian prints were this beautiful


One of my favorite breed of cats, the Korat.  Perfect choice for these photos.