Today’s post is a little out of the norm, but I can’t go without mentioning one of my best friends and the huge impact she has had on me.  One of my nearest and dearest, Nina, is getting ready to move to Morocco next month and as happy as I am for her I can’t help but be a little bit bummed.  I will miss her like crazy.  She’s like a big sister, a mentor, and a best friend and is one of the most determined and inspiring people I’ve ever met. She’s a person I turn to for advice on life and work, a person I talk to every single day, and the person I have tea with on an almost daily basis. We talk about fashion, politics, art, life, and everything in between and I will miss our talks terribly.  She’s also the only person who takes my calls at 7 a.m.  And her girls?  Oh gosh, those girls.  I will be completely devastated to not have Maymuna and Alima close by.  So, this blog post is dedicated to my dear friend who is a true inspiration and who makes things happen.