One of my favorite concept shops is Kiosk in NYC.  Their online store is super fun to browse and buy things from as well, and I love how each item comes with a detailed description of its origin.  Right now they’re highlighting Japan with some pretty fun stuff to purchase, but I’m also super psyched for their ongoing items that are always in stock.  It’s like a glorified mini-market and each time I visit their site I feel like I’ve eaten tons of sugar and I’m on some crazy high.  Below, a few of my favorite ongoing items from Kiosk.

Adufe drum.  We have a good amount of fun instruments from around the world in our household.

Net Bag.  Your farmer’s market friend.

Olive oil dispenser

Colored chalk, for when you want to play hopscotch.

Plastic bird whistles

Yves Lambeau bowl

Emilio Braga notebook set, because you can never have enough notebooks

Map tacks.  Great for plotting your next adventure.

Colored pipe cleaners.  Great for craft night.