In the village of Bolshoi Kunale in Siberia resides Lukeriya Nazarova, a babushka who was once a performer during the Communist period touring the world with the Red Army Choir, serving the USSR and winning many medals.  After being exiled by the Tsarist government and the Orthodox church in the 17th century for refusing religious reforms, her ancestors settled in Lake Baikal, part of the village where they established new lands and were founders of communities, influencing the way of life for many of the locals.  I read about Nazarova in World of Interiors and fell in love with her little home that is a beautiful reflection of her heritage.  Rugs from Central Asia that can be found in Siberian bazaars cover a pair of chairs and a couch, blue walls and ceilings serve as a backdrop for floral table cloths and rugs knitted by Lukeriya, mementos and photos are pinned to the walls, and bright flowers sit in vases, further adding to the liveliness of the home.

All images from World of Interiors