I’m having a love affair with ceramics at the moment so it should come as no surprise that I’ve been admiring these hand painted beauties, all part of the Longridge Ceramics Collection found on the University of Wisconsin Digital Library. Almost all of them are from the late 1600’s, early 1700’s but I can’t help but think of Lladró figurines and Nathalie Lété plates.  So beautiful, and I want all of them.

Boot, 1650-1663, Southwark London

Books, 1675-1700, London

Plate, 1720-1730, Bristol

Cup, 1685-1705, Staffordshire

Salts, 1676, 2nd figure 1655-1680, London

Plate, 1675-1695, Brislington or London

Bottle, 1630-1660, London

Dish, 1765-1790, Holland

Figures, 1670-1685, London

Cat, 1710-1730, Bristol, Brislington or London

Strainer, 1750-1770, London or Liverpool