My good friend Charlotte sent me an email the other day with “SO CUTE” in the subject line.  I immediately opened and she was right.  A link to Rosa Mosa shoes and accessories sent a wave of happiness through my body, not only for the artisanal feel and cute factor, but also for the styling and the force behind the inspiration of their S/S 2011 line, Frida Kahlo.  Designed by Simone Springer and Yuji Mozibuchi, the shoes have that global, bohemian feel mixed with a touch of quirkiness that I love so much.  They’re playful, but still grown up with modern constructions.  I reached out to Rosa Mosa (located in Vienna) for their lookbook and of course couldn’t help but include a photo of myself as Frida for Halloween 2009.  Silly, I know, but whatever.  Rosa Mosa titled their S/S collection “Looks Like Frida”, and the Mexican influences definitely come through in color and shape.  I was excited to find out that their collection is carried in LA at Noodle Stories, which I will definitely hit up once I’m back from New York, hopefully to score the lime green woven clog sandals.  Below, some images from the Rosa Mosa S/S 2011 collection along with their brilliantly styled lookbook.