I tore these photos out of Vogue Living Australia, one of my favorite interiors magazines, and couldn’t help but add some more hot pink to my list of interiors inspiration.  One of my wishes for my next home is to have a pink neon light that spells something out in Spanish, but I’m not sure what just yet.  And then I saw the Tuscany weekend home of Stephan Hamel, Italian furniture consultant, and started fantasizing about a hot pink chair. Hamel’s home is filled with colorful kitsch and objects found on his travels, as well as stuffed pink panthers that hang off a door knob and that brightly colored pink chair, both by the Campana Brothers.  There doesn’t seem to be a color rule in his home; it’s as if all colors are thrown together yet it somehow works and exudes happiness and creativity.  Hamel says, “People need something to believe in.  We have this great history and instead we waste our time complaining and being unhappy.  Your holiest place is your house.  You have to celebrate it – the altar of your passion.”