I spent the weekend being sick in bed which I realized is the best way to catch up on things such as movies, television, magazines, and even thoughts. Mostly I just thought about how bummed I would be if I woke up on Tuesday still feeling sick because friends, I am hopping a plane to Paris/Morocco tomorrow.  Super psyched over here and I’m feeling much better today, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be completely normal and ready to take on Air France’s champagne.  Some things I did over the weekend:

1. Finished Bob Dylan’s Chronicles, Volume One.  I tweeted about this so I won’t bore you again but let’s just say I gave it an 8.

2. Watched 4 episodes of Make It or Break It on Hulu.  This is a SUPER lame show but I love gymnastics, so…  Also decided that not owning a t.v. is probably a good thing for me.

3. Streamed episodes of Glee on Netflix and lost my mind over the Madonna episode.  Brilliant!

4. Streamed All Good Things on Netflix, which I liked.  All Gosling all the time, in my book.  Also watched one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time, Reality Bites.

5. Drank copious amount of Thera-flu, Emergen-c, coconut water, tea and OJ; downed Tylenol and Advil; and ate a lot of veggie soup.

6. And the highlight of my weekend by far was celebrating this lovely lady’s birthday and being invited to dine on an incredible spread of Moroccan food that she so gracefully and lovingly prepared for friends.  I was actually feeling better around mid-afternoon on Saturday so I peeled myself out of bed for this one, and then came home afterwards feeling terrible.  But, it was sooo worth it.

Birthday girl aka Granola Queen, Lauren Soloff.  Not only does Lauren whip up some amaaazing granola, but homegirl can do it up right when it comes to a Moroccan feast.

On the menu: Perfectly cooked whole roasted golden trout with limes and tomatoes, chickpeas and merguez sausage with smoked paprika and bay leaves on a bed of couscous, chicken tagine with lemons and olives, labneh yogurt with lavash and harissa, orange salad with red onion and black olives, and holy smokes the most divine pastry stuffed with ricotta cheese and fig preserves.

Les girls – Amelia, Jeana, Heather and Lauren

Quite possibly the sweetest gift ever, Jeana’s drawing of Lady Soloff.  Thanks for having me, Lauren!  xo