I love food.  But I’m not a meat eater, nor am I a vegetarian.  I sit somewhere between a pescetarian and an experimental meat eater.  Back home I sometimes indulge in grass-fed beef and turkey.  Weird, I know.  But I quit eating chicken nearly 6 years ago when I was on a trip to Guatemala and had a horrible chicken experience.  I’ll just leave it at that.  And pork, well, I’ve never been a fan.  But I do like to be a good sport when traveling and at least try meat in whichever country I’m in.  But friends, I made a mistake by eating lamb the other night.   It did not agree with me and I’ve had some weird bug for the past 24 hours.   It’s not fun being sick in another part of the world, but it’s all part of the adventure, right?   I’m beginning to feel normal again, though, and am getting really excited for the arrival of my friend Cassi tomorrow.  A new chapter begins, but not before the one below ends.

Walking in Bab Boujeloud.  There are literally thousands of birds flying all over this spot.  It’s like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Nina and I went to Fez Cafe’ for coffee and cookies.  It sits inside the Le Jardin des Biehn riad which is absolutely gorgeous (it was recently featured in Côté Sud) and cozy.  This is one of the rooms.

The lush, beautiful garden at Le Jardin des Biehn

Please look at this giant bowl of couscous that was prepared at Riad Les Oudayas.

That’s me on the right attacking giant bowl.

This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  Our friend Fouad had a Sufi band sing for nearly three hours to bless his riad (Riad Les Oudayas).  It was so beautiful I cried.  Video to come later.

Rose water being poured for cleansing and blessing

Francois (right) and his friend Jackie visiting from Paris.

Fouad’s lovely family

Walking through the medina

This is Maymuna and Alima, Nina’s little ones.

So for those who don’t know, my friend Nina recently moved to Fez from Los Angeles with her two daughters to experience a change of pace and different lifestyle, and also to raise her daughters in a different part of the world and absorb a different culture.  They’re learning Arabic and French and I can’t help but visualize them becoming the most well-rounded, cultured, and educated girls.  Such an amazing experience for them.

More rug ogling.  The one above is one of the more unique rugs I’ve seen that has elements of a Moroccan wedding blanket.

The blue yarns remind me of little sea anemones.

This is Nina demonstrating how women where the Moroccan wedding blankets.  Every time I look at this I think of this Cèline bag.

Being served mint tea

There is an amazing herbalist in the medina who was featured in the Lonely Planet Fez guide.  This is his shop.

There are animal skins, herbs, teas, lotions and potions everywhere.

And antlers hanging from the ceiling.  Actually, this shop is a dream for a taxidermist.

A guy walking down the street with a turkey tied to his back and his front side.

Basket weaving is huge thing here.  I loved this guy sitting in his shop weaving.

Donkey love

The early evening view of Fez from the terrace at Riad Les Oudayas

This is the inside of one of the most well-edited antique shops filled with fabrics, furniture, jewelry, and objects from around the world.

The owner, Si Mohamed, invited us to join him for lunch at his shop.  This was my first time to have a tagine made with fish and it was the super duper bomb diggity.

More to come!