While I was in Paris last month I came across some breathtaking antique gouache and watercolor paintings.  I felt like I had come upon a goldmine when I spotted the beauties and I immediately thought of a client who would go mad for them so of course they came home with me.  Since then I’ve been having a love affair with watercolors and works of art that serve as inspiration for textile and print design, like these I spotted on vads, the online resource for visual arts.  These in particular are part of the Constance Howard Resource and Research Center in Textiles and were created by various artists.  If you haven’t spent time on vads, I suggest setting aside a couple of hours to browse the vast collection of everything from paintings to posters to textiles and crafts.  It’s incredibly inspiring.

Charlotte Cain

Jane McKeating

Jane McKeating

Helen Schofield

Phillipa Giles

Lynn Reid

Norma Kennedy

Sandra Francis