A few months back my good friend and studio mate Simone Le Blanc mentioned the possibility of collaborating on a project together.  I knew from the first time we met last year over dinner that many beautiful things would blossom between us, as we shared an affinity for many of the same things in life.  We formed a bond, so it was only natural that I said YES to her invitation to share a studio space.  It’s there where our collaborative project has come to life, Joanna & Simone, a visual diary comprised of treasured objects from past and present that tell a story.  Each week we will curate a journal entry centered on a theme that we’re particularly inspired by such as color palettes, cultural icons like Frida Kahlo, cities we’ve visited (or hope to some day), and much more.   As our studio comes together, we couldn’t think of a more fitting time than now to introduce Joanna & Simone.

For our first entry, we dreamed up a color scheme of blue.  Sky blues, ocean blues, and all the dreamy shades in between that remind us of a seaside getaway in the Mediterranean, South of France, or some far flung exotic corner of the world where we pause to observe and absorb our surroundings.  Perhaps an early morning dip into the shimmering blue waters, or a walk along a path under the crystal blue sky to gather flowers?  We’ll let you have your pick.  We invite you take part in the process of Blue Notes by visiting Simone LeBlanc’s blog here.

Vintage postcard from France, vintage 1970’s postcard, embellishment from Kneeland Co., vintage epaulet, vintage necklace, vintage doily, magazine tear, bronze faux leaves