You may have seen this seaside retreat before in various publications (like this issue of Bazaar) or online, but if not, I’m certain you won’t forget this beauty.  Located off the coast of Rome on an island named Ponza, this home known as Casa Madonna belongs to Silvia Venturini Fendi of the Fendi brand.  Antique furniture from Turkey, broken majolica tiles, chaises from India and Sicilian religious items mingle with vintage Fendi bags in a casual, relaxed setting filled with color and warmth.  It’s a place where al fresco dining and trips to the local emporium to buy traditional goods such as plastic fisherman’s sandals are the norm.  A place where lounging outside a natural-rock cave with reading material in hand happens frequently.  Sounds heavenly, yes?  I get the feeling that it’s pretty much the ideal getaway, but now that I think about it I wouldn’t mind living here year-round.