There are those who love to loathe Gwyneth Paltrow and those who love to love her.  I fit in the latter category, and my love goes back to the days of the movie Sliding Doors.  I was obsessed with her hair in that movie and I even took a photo of it to my hairdresser at the time and told him to give me the same hair cut.  That’s when I realized that short hair was not my steez, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.  I don’t really follow celebrity culture, except for the occasional US Weekly that lands in my mailbox that I have no idea how I got a subscription to.  I actually find it kind of amusing, but there are just a handful of ladies and gents that somehow manage to grab my attention, G.P. being one of them.  Let’s bypass the great wardrobe and everyday chicness as well as the good looks, ridiculously amazing body and good hair .  There are plenty of those in this world, but what I’ve come to love about her is the fact that she’s making sh*t happen.  An actress, author, good cook, wife, mom, blogger and singer are all titles associated with G.P., and I think it’s pretty great.  One of the things I often talk about with friends and family is how silly and unrealistic I think it is that we have to pigeonhole ourselves into one career type.  We’re trained in school to pick one thing to study, and somehow are led to believe that that’s what we have to do or be our entire lives.  I know so many people who have completely reinvented themselves when it comes to careers and are happy that they’ve made a change. I think life is about reinvention and discovery and breaking the mold and sometimes even the rules.  That’s what I love about Gwyneth.  She’s not afraid to have more than one title or be more than one person, and she seems to care less about what people think of what she’s doing.  She’s inspiring, that one!  What are your thoughts?

These are from an issue of Vogue a few years back, although I can’t remember which issue!