For this Journal Entry, we looked to the color pink for inspiration.  We’ve had plenty of it in our studio as of late with all the pretty peonies that are in season, and we can’t think of a more uplifting color to add a little excitement to the new week.  We pulled out a copy of Liz Goldwyn’s Pretty Things and got some true burlesque inspiration complete with plenty of feminine and flirty pink, and turned to our vintage treasures to complement the mood.  Vintage velvet liners for old cigarette trays, black and white photos of adventurous women to capture the feminine spirit, and flowers and embroidered silk fabric complete Pretty in Pink.  View our process below and to see the completed Pretty in Pink Journal Entry visit Simone’s blog here.  If you’ve missed previous Journal Entries from Joanna & Simone, click here and here

Pretty Things by Liz Goldwyn, vintage black and white photos, vintage cigarette tray liners, magazine tear, sequins, printed paper from Paper Source, vintage fabric, vintage brooch, vintage embroidery from Kneeland Co.