It’s been a whirlwind of a month, lovelies.  We’ve had some serious travel happening around here and are gearing up for another round of adventures, so we figured we’d pay homage to one of our favorite destinations, the one and only Paris. While our upcoming travels may be stateside, this is one city that will always be at the tip top of our travel list for its ability to make our hearts melt every. single. time.  For our Journal Entry dedicated to all things Parisian-inspired, we pulled out that beautiful Balenciaga fragrance ad (you know, that one) and used it as our starting point.  We combined antique French floral embroidery with Man Ray, antique lace, velvet cigarette tray liners and a romantic love letter from decades past.  A natural, ethereal color palette that calls to mind all of those magical moments that happen in the City of Light is what we envisioned.  While our sights are currently set on other destinations, this one in particular remains a constant.  Check out the process behind Joanna & Simone below, and to view the completed Journal Entry visit Simone’s blog here.  If you’ve missed previous Journal Entries by Joanna & Simone, scroll down below and click “Joanna & Simone”.

May Ray fold out and postcard, gold buttons, antique lace, antique floral embroidery, taxidermy skulls, antique stamps and letter, antique velvet cigarette tray liner, vintage black and white photos, magazine tear sheet.