I just returned from the most magical weekend in Big Sur and I’m already looking forward to going back.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that Big Sur is my favorite place on the planet.  It is the most incredibly powerful escape for me and I could literally sit in the woods and stare at the trees all. day. long.  It was a special birthday that I’m so happy I got to celebrate with my lovely friends Jeana, Simone, Melissa and Heather.  We laughed until we couldn’t breathe.  We ate until we felt beyond gross.  We talked about everything from movies to books to religion to goals to feminism to our work.  It was a total adventure.  I feel very lucky to have such inspiring women in my life and I can’t wait until our next trip.  A couple of photos below, but more on Jeana and Heather‘s blogs.

Bottom photo by Heather