In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been on a travel binge covering every recent destination we have had as well as those we hope to have soon.  Morocco is no exception, and can you blame us for being obsessed?  Who wouldn’t want to ride a camel bedecked in glorious rainbow brights?  This country is beloved by many for its food, textiles, and leather, and when the late great Yves Saint Laurent gave his seal of approval in the ‘60s it became the go to destination for gypsies, artists and the like.  For this Journal Entry, we pulled out some new embellishments inspired by Moroccan wedding blankets, an embroidered textile covered in vivid colored mirrors and buttons, and some statement making jewels to get us in the mood.  Fez, Tangier, Marrakech and Casablanca – we’ll take ‘em all, thank you very much.  Take part in the making of Journey Through Morocco below, and to see our completed Journal Entry visit Simone’s blog here.   To check out more Journal Entries by Joanna & Simone click here

Magazine tears, vintage necklace, neon pink earrings from Topshop, printed wrapping paper, embroidered epaulet, silk ribbon, embroidered textile, embellishment from Kneeland Co. , image from Gypset Style