One of my oldest and dearest friends in NYC, Tommy, sent me a very casual email the other day telling me I should check out this new bridal company and get in touch with Molly, the Creative Director and brains behind the company, to have a chat.  Not knowing what to expect, I opened the link to the press kit of Stone Fox Bride and completely freaked out.  Needless to say, Molly and I have been in touch. Based in New York and launching this fall, Stone Fox Bride is a bridal experience. It’s a heartfelt brand created by a real woman who has lived a real life through all its ups and downs, who found love and marriage and who was inspired to build something authentic with an emotional connection after being let down by the dull and conventional bridal market. Stone Fox bride is a “bridal sanctuary” offering non-traditional wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, engagement rings, feather headdresses, wildflower garlands, organic beauty products, home goods and make-up.  As if that isn’t romantic enough, they will be carrying original wear by designers including Wren, Electric Feathers, Daryl K., Kathryn Bentley, Dieppa Restrepo, Lindsey Thornburg, and Loeffler Randall.  And wait, there’s even more.  Stone Fox Bride will also be partnering with yoga studios, make-up artists, holistic doctors, sex educators and healers, nutritionists and life coaches, all to help brides “enhance their quality of life physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.”  I felt an instant connection with Stone Fox Bride and I’m so inspired by the launch of such a cool brand that’s not only missing from the bridal market, but that’s approachable, honest, and filled with love.  To find out more, visit the website here.