A few months back I got an email from Whitney Kaplan of Arcana Books in Santa Monica declaring her love for my blog.  I’m not gonna lie; I had a little freak out moment and was beyond flattered to receive such a kind email, because I LOVE Arcana Books.  I wouldn’t even call it love, more like a healthy obsession.  If you’ve never heard of Arcana, let it be known that it is hands down the best art and design bookstore in Los Angeles, or better yet California. Whitney’s husband, Lee Kaplan, opened the shop 24 years ago and his knowledge and love of books is evident in the selection carried. Collectors, designers, art enthusiasts and the like visit Arcana to look for not only the newest tomes, but even rare editions of some of the most exceptional books dedicated to art, fashion, architecture, photography and design. Darryl and I paid a visit to Whitney and Lee last week and we left feeling inspired and hungry for even more books in our lives.  We spent a couple of hours hanging out and Whitney and her awesome staff recommended some great titles, some that I had never heard of.  (I should also note that I spotted the Black Flag album, Damaged, in their office and was so happy to learn that Whitney shares my love for the one and only Henry Rollins. Total plus).   I walked away with Finding Frida Kahlo by Barbara Levine and Patti Smith, Trois, which are 3 small books that were the accompaniment to an exhibit at the Fondation Cartier in Paris (photos to come soon).  If you’ve never been to Arcana, you should put that at the top of your to-do list.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  To find out more about Arcana as well as browse some of their books, visit their website here.

Whitney and Lee Kaplan