Happy Friday, peeps.  I honestly can’t believe how quickly this week has gone by.  I feel like it should still be Monday, but thankfully it’s not.  Good things happened this week and when I woke up this morning I felt nothing short of inspired.  Below, a few things that piqued by interest these past few days that I can’t get out of my head.  I’m also happy to say that I will be collaborating on something extra special with someone extra special – more to come soon. I hope your weekend rules hard.

My friend Jaja turned me on to this new Miu Miu video, Muta, the second installment in the brand’s Women’s Tales film series.  Directed by Argentinean film director, Lucrecia Martel, the short film is eerily enchanting and takes place on a boat filled with women resembling slightly austere robots or immortal beings.  It’s completely surreal and exactly something I would expect from Miuccia Prada – an artful way to show her collection that is both smart, unconventional, and beyond what most people in the fashion world would communicate today.

Gilda and Stefani who are behind one of my favorite blogs, A Collection Of, recently posted an interview with Tania Katenjian who is a journalist, documentarian and sound artist.  Tania is the Editor-in-Chief of The [Un]Observed, “a radio magazine of candid conversations, explorations, works in sound and produced pieces from around the world.”  I had never heard of  The [Un}Observed until I read the interview and now I’m turning into a big fan of this interesting online magazine and what it represents.  My husband works in sound so I’ve become completely interested in the workings of sound and the attention to detail that it requires.  I sometimes feel like we’re so bombarded with noise and chaos that we don’t really listen to those beautiful things happening around us.  The [Un]Observed is one of the better online culture magazines I’ve come across in a while.

Totally feeling this image from the Rodarte for Opening Ceremony lookbook.  The braids, the shoes, the clothes, the chair, the shot…

So I’m sure many of you have either read or heard of Jonathan Franzen’s epic book, Freedom.  I devoured this book like nobody’s business.  My amazing friend Heather  told me about a somewhat recent NYT must-read piece written by Franzen titled “Liking is for Cowards.  Go For What Hurts.”  It’s about technology providing an alternative to love and it is an incredibly well written, sensitive, and metaphorically right on op-ed essay that was adapted from a commencement speech he gave at Kenyon College.  I’ve read it three times, and you can read it here.

And lastly, how perfect is this quote by the legendary Jean Cocteau?